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Power your business, Power the planet. Join Solen's dealer network and become a champion for sustainability. Sell premium solar solution, unlock exclusive resources, and thrive with our support. Together, let's illuminate a brighter future.

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The Challenges

– Paperweight Woes: Reliance on traditional paperwork for proposal, contracts, and approvals slows down processes and creates administrative headaches.

– Commission Conundrums: Calculating commissions accurately becomes a complex puzzle, with the potential for discrepancies and dissatisfaction.

– Payment Delays: Unpredictable or delayed payments can disrupt your cash flow and create uncertainty, impacting your business operations.

– Visibility Blues: Keeping track of numerous projects across vast areas can be daunting. Location them, monitoring progress, and staying updated can eat into valuable time.

Our Solutions

– Shred the Paperweight Woes: Embrace the digital future! Access our comprehensive workflow solutions for proposals, contracts, and approvals. Minimize paperwork, simplify processes, and boost efficiency.

– Eliminate Commission Conundrums: Forget scrambling over numbers. Enjoy clear and accurate commission calculations with transparent breakdowns. Receive what you deserve with no discrepancies or confusion.

– Eradicate Payment Delays: Our streamlined payment processing ensures you get paid accurately and on time. Eliminate chasing invoices and worrying about delays with transparent processes and automated systems.

– Vanquish Visibility Blues: Ditch the guesswork with our real-time project tracking dashboard. Pinpoint project locations, monitor progress, and receive instant updates, maximizing your time and efficiency.