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About Solen


Where cutting-edge technology meets unwavering commitment.

Fifteen years in the sun, we’ve learned that solar is more than panels – it’s a transformative spark. We engineer tailored energy solutions for homes, built on the bedrock of open communication and propelled by our cutting-edge, software-driven operations. No opaque contracts, no black box updates. Our intuitive platform maps your journey, from initial analysis to sun-powered savings, with total transparency. We seamlessly blend human expertise with technological precision, making your exploration of renewable energy effortless and empowering. Solen isn’t just adding watts to your roof, it’s adding possibilities to your future. Embrace the sunlit side – where efficiency meets innovation, and progress meets peace of mind.

Purpose Driven

At Solen, purpose fuels our passion. We're not just installing panels, we're empowering Individuals and communities to embrace a brighter, more sustainable future. Integrity and honesty aren't just buzzwords; they're woven into our DNA. We believe in transparent communication, fair practices, and putting people before profits. That's why we don't just aim for customer satisfaction, we strive for personal connection built on trust and mutual respect. Every interaction, every decision, is driven by our collective purpose: to create a more sustainable world, one sunbeam at a time.


Innovation for Impact

A commitment to continuous innovation in solar technology and processes allows Solen to deliver on its core values more effectively, ultimately creating a greater impact on sustainability and customer lives.


Integrity, Always.

Honesty and ethical conduct are non-negotiable cornerstones of our company. We build trust through clear communication, fair business practices, and prioritizing the well-being of our customers, employees, and partners over short-term gain.


Empowering Sustainability

We believe in providing individuals and communities with tools and knowledge to embrace a sustainable future, prioritizing the well-being of our planet alongside individual needs. Transparency in our practices and education for customers are key to acheiving this.